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Beendet The Safe Reception Center for poor children

Battambang, Kambodscha

Beendet The Safe Reception Center for poor children

Fill 100x100 original socheath phong and children

To provide appropriate skills and teaching Khmer, English Language, Computer skill, life skills, social moral and activities that promote child rights to 212 poor and vulnerable children.

S. Phong von Child Hope Organization (CHO)Nachricht schreiben

To protect and eliminate discrimination to 212 children, especially girl who are survivors or at risk of trafficking, rape, landless, parentless, domestic violence, exploitation and drug uses so that they can continue their formal education and self development to achieve safe, development, and happiness for future.
This is to give opportunity for those poor children to have full access to proper skills and/or at least they can read and write the English language and can use computer in the bases, and more they know some of life skills for their future plan. This responses answer to three different problems, one is to offer the chance for younger age children who cannot attend in fee schools and secondly, by the time they will completed the skills, by then they grown up and their families aren’t to pay basic cost for their children and third this opportunity it may reduce some of social problems from them, as become gangster, drug abuses, trafficking and labor exploitation. This is mean that CHO is responses to the social problems which have had occur to Cambodian children. To make children’s life more interesting, purposeful and to promote their development a lot of activities and events are organized within as well as out of the village. Education was the challenging part in the working process of children development program. We prepared for activities to educate our children. All our children from 6 to 18 years old will be improve their basic and social knowledge of Child rights, English language , computer and life skills, which was leaded by our educator, therefore, our educators have trained directly to those children with smoothly cooperation.