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Finanziert Poverty Alleviation

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Finanziert Poverty Alleviation

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Poverty Alleviation through growing extra crops and nurseries run by widows, giving them a place in society again, but foremost food on their talkes

M. Boekholt von Green Education for Poverty Alleviation (GEPAT)Nachricht schreiben

We have set up a farmers collective/association, called Green for Poverty Alleviation Tanzania (GEPAT) with its office in Morogoro. We not only help the farmers, their families to lift them out of poverty, but also for their communities. Also part of GEPAT are the widows whom have a really bad, bad life. Now they can run the nurseries (where Moringa and Jatropha plant are cultivated) and by doing so they become a respected part of society again, but foremost have now food on their tables to feed their children.

The Moringa Oleifera products will also be used as local food supply (high nutrient) but will also be sold in Europe and the U.S. With the profits of these sales, new projects can be set up, e.g. schools, many schools have about 1,000 pupils while there is only room for 400. Further through the St Therese Sisters we will expand, renovate and build new hospitals. In small communities we aim to set up heath centers. Currently there are NON.

Please donate generously to make this worthy cause reality.

Hilf mit, das Projekt zu verbreiten