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Ein Hilfsprojekt von n. qabaha in Ramallah, Palästinensische Gebiete

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n. qabaha (verantwortlich)

n. qabaha
an event implemented by (District Rhymes Unit)
- the first HipHop "Unit" in Palestine.

this September in Palestine will be totally different as it is "always"

Palestinians are going to UN
Palestinians are hosting the flotillas
Palestinians might do a third Intifada
Palestinians will have Eid-Ul-Fitr (but this one is for sure)

the Idea is to create a big graffiti workshop distributed in five cities in Palestine (Ramallah,Nablus,Jenin,Bethlahem,Qalqilya) and establish teams in theses cities to give them professional training on Graffiti methods then let them create graffiti paintings in their cities with the coordination of the local authorities.

Results of the Event:

* the entrance of every city will have a big graffiti sign saying (Welcome to -the name of the city- )
* five big (6*3 m) paintings will be distributed in poor and main areas in every city.
*Palestinians this year will have a more colorful and peaceful Eid.
*the teams will also be responsible to create a clean environment for the working area (clean walls, streets, pavements).
*during the work the teams will ask the public for help and assistance and teach them basic principles of Graffiti to paint their own walls preparing for Eid.
*the teams will be mainly from Teenagers and children (6 - 20 years old).
*this event will be considered as an added value event for the participating children to do some thing creative and to learn some thing useful in their summer vacation.

NOTE: this event is 300 % PEACEFUL
another NOTE : Palestinians have the right to celebrate their Own Eid also.
Final NOTE: Thank you for your support.

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Ort: Ramallah, Palästinensische Gebiete

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