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Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Hayani Care Centre“ (I. Cavanaugh) in Johannesburg, Südafrika

Seit dem 1.11.2016 können Projekte, deren Träger in Deutschland nicht als gemeinnützig anerkannt ist, keine Spenden mehr auf sammeln. Mehr über diese Änderungen erfahren

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I. Cavanaugh (verantwortlich)

I. Cavanaugh
Hayani Care Centre is currently raising funds for its Capital Fundraising Campaign to raise R500, 000 for permanent housing to provide assistance and support to the children in Alexandra Township in Johannesburg, South Africa. Hayani provides support services for HIV orphans, street children, abandoned children, and those children living in dire poverty throuhg its feeding and clothing programs, and daycare providing children with a safe and nurturing environment.

We currently have over 75 children between the ages of 3-6, that come to the centre daily, needing our support. Permanent housing, including chairs for the toddlers is needed. Currently, the toddlers have to sit on the floor and it is winter and as you know it is cold. We need your help today, to continue to care for the little voices that often get overlooked.

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Ort: Johannesburg, Südafrika

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