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Support Yazidi Survivors

Ein Projekt von Wadi e.V.
in Dohuk, Irak

Support the survivors of the Yazidi genocide; they have been abused, tortured, sold as slaves. With your help we at Wadi can provide immediate support for Yazidi women.

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Über das Projekt

As the final territories of IS are being liberated hundreds of Yazidi women and girls  are returning from being kidnapped, held prisoner, beaten, raped, sold in to slavery to IS fighters, enduring daily humiliations and violence. They are returning to a community that has been decimated by IS, they do not know if their families are alive or dead. While the world celebrates the victories against IS, we cannot forget these Yazidi women.  We must support them through this difficult moment, and give them a chance to start a new life.

Wadi's Work
Since September 2014 Wadi has had a dedicated team of two social workers working with Yazidi Women who have endured, survived and escaped captivity and sexual slavery at the hands of IS. 

Our two social workers are a 'Mobile Team' which is women led and provides the point of first contact, as well as determining which cases are in need of immediate medical, or psychological assistance, which they then coordinate. They also provide a safe place, where women and girls can share their stories without fear of rejection or shame. Our team members are experts, and operate with professionalism, kindness and discretion, and are well liked in the refugee camps and the area in general.

Supporting Women Survivors
Everyone can understand that these women need serious, long-term support for medical, psychological and social help. These women just want to go back to their families, and to be part of Yazidi society.  the Yazidi community; a community that was brutally murdered by IS is still in tatters. Villages such as Kochi, deep in the Yazidi heartland are still completely destroyed. Most Yazidi's now live in refugee camps or in makeshift structures.  These women are facing a difficult road to a better future, but they need to be supported through this horrific time. We need to help them, give them a chance to build a life.

Small Actions - Big Impact
For about €200 our teams can provide or organise psych-social support, medical assistance, clothing, and hygienic supplies for one Yazidi woman survivor. Our team goes above and beyond to support each case, with their needs, and a small donation will have a big impact. 

Enabling a future
That’s why it’s time to give them a future. Wadi wants to provide ongoing support for these women and their families. With your help we can continue to provide   psych-social support and medical assistance for Yazidi women. We have been working on this issue since 2014 and are in a unique position to have a big impact with a small budget. 
We cannot allow these women to be forgotten! With your help we can act now!