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Finanziert From Uganda to New Zealand - Emilly must go... well she did!

Emilly must go... well she did. Keep up to date on www.

Annekatrin E. von Malayaka Haus Rugby Nachricht schreiben

Emilly landed in Christchurch a couple of days ago and now has to deal with winter for the first time in her life. I am sure the three month course will allow her to broaden her horizon in ways that she could never imagine. When she finally sat on that plane, we felt such a relief. It is one thing to dream big, it is another to make it happen NO MATTER WHAT. You can call us lucky and sometimes also annoyingly persistent when we want something: in this case we did ask for a lot of money & we raised it. In total we got: GX2,346,827, $4,587 and €3,333. The point is that we are not only proving to our players that as Rugby Tackling Life we actually tackle life no matter what, but it is also proving to ourselves that again and again we make things happen as a growing community.
I could not summarize Emilly's journey any better.
First rule: Try. Second rule: Try again.Life will hurt sometimes. This game will give you strength. To never give up, give in, or give an inch. Whatever your size, shape, or story. There’s nothing you can’t tackle. No line you can’t break. No obstacle you can’t get over. Or power straight through. There'll be judgers, disapprovers, non-believers. Fear less. Play more. Because once you’ve started, you can’t be stopped.
And so Emilly went to Christchurch. 
This is how we started. 
Hello! I am Emilly Lekuru, a 19 year old Ugandan who is passionate about rugby.  I started playing tag rugby in primary school then switched to full contact when I was 13 years old.  I play for the Black Pearls Rugby Club in Uganda and made my debut for Uganda at 17 years old at the 2017 Rugby Africa 7s in Tunisia.  I will be representing Uganda at the World Rugby Women's Sevens Series qualifiers in Hong Kong in April.
My biggest dream is to represent Uganda at the 7s World Cup and the 7s Olympics.  I have what is for me a once in a life time opportunity to further develop as a rugby player and a coach by travelling to Christchurch in New Zealand for 3 months (June to August this year) for the St Bedes College International Rugby Programme (IRP).  I will not return to Uganda as the same person which will benefit me, the young kids in my community and my team mates in Black Pearls and the Uganda national team.
Participating in the IRP is self-funded and I would like to ask for your support please.  
●3 month course cost (accommodation, meals, tuition, uniform, medical insurance) - €3,700
●Visa fee and processing fee - €265
●Return air ticket - €1,765
TOTAL: €5,730
Any donation would be appreciated and please share this page.  THANK YOU!