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Beendet Chance of a lifetime for young San curators

Yzerfontein, Südafrika

Beendet Chance of a lifetime for young San curators

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As part of a new curatorship programme at the San Culture and Education Centre, two young San Bushman trainees will be given the opportunity of a 3-month internship at one of Zurich's most prestigious museums. Funds for travel costs are required.

M. Asmal-Dik von !Khwa ttuNachricht schreiben

A crucial extension of !Khwa ttu's ongoing training of young San Bushman people, and an integral part of its new 2-year Arts & Culture Programme, a curatorship programme is about to be launched at the San Culture and Education Centre on the West Coast of South Africa.

The programme includes lectures and workshops by industry leaders on issues of curatorial and critical practice, contemporary and historical (San) cultural production and the history of art, in-depth research assignments, as well as opportunities to gain hands-on experience through residencies and internships with !Khwa ttu's partners in South(ern) Africa and overseas.

This particular call regards the travel cost for the first two young San curators to fly from Southern Africa to Zurich, Switzerland, to engage in a tailor-made 3-month internship at one of the city’s prestigious museums. Their specific responsibility will be to collaborate meaningfully on the preparation and installation of a Swiss collection of ethnographics, which includes San works. It is hoped that these first internships will create a longer-lasting partnership that may emanate in the exchange of exhibition material in the long run too.

The 1-year curatorial programme will empower the young curators to develop programmes in the spheres of arts, culture, heritage and tourism in their home communities in Botswana, Namibia, the Kalahari and elsewhere upon their return.

Whilst the San Curators Programme develops solid professional curatorial skills, it also keeps its ear to the ground - encouraging new ideas and networks to build representative San exhibitions and performances that engage !Khwa ttu's diverse target audiences.

Hilf mit, das Projekt zu verbreiten