Ein Hilfsprojekt von T. zum Mallen in Addis Ababa, Äthiopien

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T. zum Mallen (verantwortlich)

T. zum Mallen
Convivium is a network of professionals, based in Germany-Berlin, specialized in different area of expertise (education, medicine, engineering, philosophy, music, filmmaking).
We want to lend our professional services to improve the potential of the human capital in countries that struggle to find a suitable place for them in the society.
Following our first investigation (Jan 2011) we found Ethiopia and Addis Ababa a perfect site to start our experience.
The city has a vast human potential (100.000 kids live in the streets): people that properly educated and addressed could contribute in the future to the growth of their country and the the dialogue with foreign investors.

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Ort: Addis Ababa, Äthiopien


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