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Viele Grüße aus Berlin, Dein

Beendet International Library for Peace

Athens, Griechenland

Beendet International Library for Peace

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International Library for Peace An eco-friendly building that gives the power of knowledge through reading!

P. Ann von International Library for PeaceNachricht schreiben

The first step to our project is a building that is eco-friendly and as self sustainable as possible. Not only will it be beautiful to look at it will be a statement for all of Greece.I want it to be comforting, refreshing and peaceful for children and adults. I thought of this International Library for Peace because the Greeks do not have libraries that they can go to, borrow a book, sit and read, play on new technology or get help on school work (unless you pay). I want the children of Elliniko, Athens to learn something new (the power of knowledge through reading) A place they can depend on and be proud of. Not only will it benefit Elliniko but it will be accessible to all of Greece through metro as soon enough it will stop in Elliniko. I have many people working with me on this project a mechanical engineer, civil engineer (specializing in building reformation) an accountant to and many neighborhood volunteers. We have the building as of now the biggest challenges I for see are the cost to create an eco-friendly building, time (as I want to see this library up and running no later than December 2011) I want this library to be a place that benefits not only the earth but also children, parents, and the disabled. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your support!