Beendet Education for Orphans

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Help Trust“ (J. Bose) in Mumbai, Indien

Seit dem 1.11.2016 können Projekte, deren Träger in Deutschland nicht als gemeinnützig anerkannt ist, keine Spenden mehr auf sammeln. Mehr über diese Änderungen erfahren

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J. Bose (verantwortlich)

J. Bose
Life of orphan children victim in Tamil Nadu, India up to now still very concern, grievous, especially that related to their construction and education. All of their expectation becomes extinct and evanescent at the same time with the lost of their parents and this also destroy all their expectation and aspirations. Aspiration to become one who devotes to both old fellow and good for vicinity society, now only remain memory. Expected education can become barometer to reach for their future and dreams. most of these orphans are left behind in education. Help Trust is therefore requesting financial assistance to secure eduction for 100 orphans.

In this project, Help Trust will do construction intensively and guarantee education for 100 orphans by providing them with facilities that are needed so that they can go back to school. On the other hand Help Trust will give additional nutrition and health inspection periodically for them.

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Ort: Mumbai, Indien

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