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Ein Projekt von Many Peaces e.V.
in Berlin, Deutschland

Peace Elitits are safe social spaces for peace work and conflict transformation.

Jannik G.
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Über das Projekt

Building upon the Transrational Peace Philosophy we regularly create spaces for personal and collective peace work and conflict transformation - the Peace Elicits. The Peace Elicits are a travelling, international and multicultural collective of peace facilitators, researchers, scholars and advocators.

With Peace Elicits we build bridges between people with different social, national and cultural backgrounds and promote peace, internationality and the understanding among the people. We facilitate processes of conflict transformation and unfolding of so called "transrational peaces". All together this is what we call a Culture of Many Peaces. 

We work with people who are - generally - interested in promoting peace. This goes directly to peace workers, scholars, facilitators and advocators, but also to a broader audience of social workers, incubators, influencers. As peace and conflict are part of life, we intentionally keep our target group as broad and diverse as life itself.
Especially in our modern world that is rather rationally coined, we believe that rational solutions for rational problems only address a temporarily, superficial episode of peace and conflict. We believe that conflicts and peaces are relational. As relations are more than simply rational, with Peace Elicits we want to educate and foster an understanding for those "transrational" conflicts and peaces by integrating the holistic human nature into our approach.

Your donation goes directly to our Peace Elicits Project. As we aim to keep participation costs low so that everyone - rich or poor, from far away or close by -  can join the Peace Elicits as well as we do not make profit with our workshops, your donation directly helps us in organising and putting into action our continuous workshops on peace work and conflict transformation. 

An additional benefit
On the one hand Peace Elicits offer for participants to discover, explore, express and share transrational dimensions of peaces and conflict transformation. On the other hand, Peace Elicits offer opportunities for (prospective) peace workers to play and experiment with their facilitation skills, tools and methods and to foster them.