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Beendet Give a Meal and Education to 100 Unfortunate slum Children in Guntur, India

Guntur, Indien

Beendet Give a Meal and Education to 100 Unfortunate slum Children in Guntur, India

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Education is the basic right for every child; but unfortunate living conditions of families their children were missing care and education. This project ensures basic education with a nutrition meal to 100 slum children in Guntur with your support.

Joseph Anthony C. von The Bharath Abhyudaya Seva SamithiNachricht schreiben


Thank you so much for your kind support to the children in the project with your valuable help. We are very happy to secure support for the construction of classrooms from you for the last two years but recently with a great effort of our friend in Austria we are able to get help to build 3 classrooms. The new classrooms would be completed within 45 days. We are very much grateful to you for your kind continuous support. 

We wish to inform you about this slum where this project is running from 2009. Initially 2000 families were migrated from rural and urban areas in Guntur city to the newly formed slum in the year 2006. Within a short time this slum has been enormously increased with new families and currently almost 6000 families living together here in small huts. This slum is situated about 12 kms far from Guntur city. And at 2kms distance from the National High way Road No.5. 

Unfortunately there is no basic infrastructure facility provided by the government except electricity. Most of the families from the slum are belongs to poor and doing daily wage works in the city. They don’t have any pukka house, adequate food, employment and other needs of medical and educational facilities. Most of the families are very poor and they are not able to provide good meal to the children. Some of the children do not have sufficient meal in the family. They are affected with sickness. And the children are not able to go to schools because there is no single school available here and just doing nothing in the streets. Some of the elder children are going to works to add income to their families and others children are stay in the huts and become worthless. And there is no one taking care of the children in the locality. 

At this situation, with great efforts of our organization, we were succeed to start a primary school here from August 2011 and continuously running in a long hut with small support from local and international resources. At present we are providing school for 90 children, we have 3 teachers and one care taker for this school and running in one big hut in the slum. And we are also providing a meal every day to for the children in the school. 
Through your support from Better Place and some of our friends from Austria and China we are able built new classrooms for the children, we are very happy that we are provide schooling in safe environment for Nursery to 5th class standard. 

We currently we need to continue and strengthen the school with your support, because we don’t have continued support for the running of the school. We need to provide educational material, nutritious meal and health care to the children with us through this project. 

Therefore we are approaching you to kindly join in this project and do help to children to get care and education. We are eagerly looking forward to get your cooperation. 

This project is supported by the Maecenata Foundation, Munich/Berlin: