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Kunst und Bücher für Kinder in Ladakh

Leh, Ladakh, Indien

Kinder aus abgeschnittenen Dörfern im Himalaya bekommen freie Schulbildung in Leh, Ladakh. Seit 10 Jahren sind wir mit Projekten dabei und benötigen Spenden für Kinderbücher und Kunstmaterialien.

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Ladakh’s village population is a mix of different tribes, many live in cut off villages without a chance of getting a decent education. In 2006, two highly respected Buddhist monks in Ladakh were entrusted by the Dalai Lama with the task of building a school in order to help some of the poorest families to get a free education for their children. I have been involved with this amazing school since the first batch of 50 children was admitted in 2008. Since then the school has grown to over 200 students, mainly from villages near the Pakistan border: Hanu and Baima (Leh District) as well as Darchik and Garkon (Kargil District). For the Jamyang School it is important that at least half their students are girls. All admitted children come from predominantly difficult family backgrounds: families that are broken due to divorce or death of one or both parents, and children who face child labor in the city or road construction since their parents neither possess land nor have a job to feed them.  
Our volunteers visit the school regularly for projects and art workshops. We believe in the power of good books and the tool of art to build self-confidence and discover oneself. Support us to pay for art materials and books that benefit the children in Ladakh!
And if you are interested in sponsoring the education of a child, please contact me directly for more information: /