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Dental Volunteers for Israel, treating needy elderly and Holocaust Survivor

Jerusalem, Israel

DVI is the largest free dental clinic in all of Israel, offering state-of-the-art treatment, thanks to volunteer dentists from all corners of the world.DVI is now treating needy elderly and Holocaust Survivors, providing free dentures!

U. Lehavi von Keren Hayesod Vereinigte Israel Aktion e.V.
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Elderly & Survivors
Elderly people in Israel with NO ability to pay any type of co-pay have absolutely no access to dental care in Jerusalem, yet many of these people are Holocaust Survivors, and they have already suffered enough. According to the Jerusalem Municipality (2016 figures), there are 23,000 Holocaust Survivors in Jerusalem – out of this number, 7,000 are needy in some way and receive services from Welfare Services. Yes. This number of Survivors sounds high – and though correct, it is high – there is a disproportionate number of Holocaust Survivors living in Israel, and clearly, in Jerusalem. There is a total of 30,000 needy elderly in Jerusalem. DVI is now providing FREE dentures for the neediest of this population, and as with any work that DVI does, patients will be received regardless of race or religion.

  • DVI hired Dr. Sarit Palmon, an Israeli prosthodontist, with extensive experience in geriatric dentistry, to oversee the care and ensure that patients receive the best care and continuity of care.
  • This project is running on Wednesdays (at present, and times when the clinic is usually closed), so will not interfere with DVI’s work with at-risk children and youth.
  • Needy elderly with only a few teeth or no teeth will be provided with free full dentures in the first stage, to fill the greatest need.
  • In the second stage of the project, volunteer dentists may be able to perform extractions, fillings, root canals, crowns, and surgery, under the supervision of Dr. Palmon; however she will be personally responsible for prosthodontic treatment that requires continuity of care, such as dentures and partial bridges.