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Beendet Please DONATE to build peace through sports in northern Kenya

Sustainable Development Community e.V. is organizing together with "Irene Limika Foundation" an archery competition peace event in Nothern Kenya to promote conflict resolution, peace building among the Pokot and Turkana communities. Please DONATE!

A. Ayoubi von Sustainable Development Community e.V.Nachricht schreiben

Sustainable Development Community e.V. is organizing together with "Irene Limika Foundation" an archery competition event in Nothern Kenya as a peace campaign to promote conflict resolution, peace building and poverty reduction among the poor pastoral communities affected by conflicts occasioned through cattle rustling in particular among the warring Pokot and Turkana communities. Sadely children at young age are envolved in this, which leads in many occasions loss of many young lives or disabilities. 

Introduction and background of the archery competition event:
Conflicts in the North rift region of Kenya between Pokot and Turkana communities are deemed to be resource based resulting from competition over pasture and water. A cattle rustling is the act of forceful raiding of livestock from one community by another and leaving behind destruction of property and loss of lives. Traditionally both communities practiced cattle raids with neighbouring communities, using crude weapons such as; sticks, spears, bows and arrows.

Through Sports, education and talent development, we have designed a plan to transform the lives of the warriors by training them to disengage from cattle rustling and employ skills in legal means of earning their livelihoods including implying their talent of using spears, bows and arrows as a profession and compete at global international Championships and Olympics. 
Goal of the event:
The aim is to use sports as one of the arsenals of achieving social interaction, establishing cohesiveness, healing past differences, building trust and ensuring amicable resolution of conflicts amongst the warring Pokot and Turkana communities in Nothern Kenya.
This event is the first step towards building a sports training facility with the aim of tapping and developing local athletic talent. The facility also gives an opportunity to the warriors who have ceased cattle rustling and related attacks to exchange their arms for sports training. The sports facility will also act as means of harmonizing different communities by bringing them together in sports and hence cultivating a culture of understanding, tolerance and peace. 

Hilf mit, das Projekt zu verbreiten