Finanziert Class Room for pre-schoolers from "squatter camp"

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Bonnie-People Project“ (conny m.) in Bonnievale, Südafrika

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conny m. (verantwortlich)

conny m.
The Project was initiated 10 years ago to assist in alleviating hardships endured by severely poor children living in corrugated iron schacks under harsh circumstances. With the help of a fundraising organisation in Luxemburg, Bonnievale Project absl., the project grew and now takes care of most of the small children (o-6 years) of the settlement on a daily basis, including feeding and clothing. We also run a facility for youth not attending school and have a food-growing garden we pride ourselves with.
At large we serve the community of the informal settlement ("squatter camp") and are well-respected by its inhabitants.
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Ort: Bonnievale, Südafrika

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