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Support Orthopaedic Education in Syria!

Ein Projekt von Human Study e.V.
in Bab Alhawa, Ildib region , Syrien

In Syria, the increase in disability rate is 130 per cent with 86,000 people whose injuries have led to amputations during the war.Our group of 12 Syrian students need YOUR support to join our Bachelor program and become highly trained professionals.

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Über das Projekt

In the regions affected by conflicts, the number of persons in need of prosthetic (artificial limb) and orthotic care is increasing dramatically. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that 1.5 million people in Syria live with permanent disabilities.

Due to massive proportions of the ongoing Syrian conflict, the increase in disability rate is 130 per cent with 86,000 people whose injuries have led to amputations during the war. Approximately 30,000 people get injured every month and medical professionals are struggling to keep up with the demand for prosthetic limbs and orthotic devices.

The German NGO Human Study e.V.  (HS)provides Distance Learning education in prosthetics and orthotics to professionals without formal education in developing countries and countries affected by war and other disasters like in Syria. HS is combining theoretical and practical education - a program which is recognized by the International Society of Prosthetic and Orthotic (ISPO).

Humam Sadek is a 23-year-old orthopaedic technician born and raised in Aleppo city in Syria.
He lives with his mother and a disabled father. He lost his brother during the war. 
Humam decided to become an orthopaedic technician when his friend’s little brother lost both  legs in the war.
Humam joined the Human Study e.V.  educational program in 2015, whichmade it possible for him and other Syrian practitioners, who joined the program, to continue providing quality services to people in need in Syria. 

Despite challenging conditions of life and work in Syria, Humam, Salah, Luai and the other students and qualified prosthetic and orthotic practitionerswork hard to serve as many patients a day as they can. They work in conditions that are hard to imagine and impossible to predict. But they are resolute to do what they can, both as humans and as professionals, to contribute to the solution of this increasing problem which is affecting their country and their lives. 

Their solution for a better tomorrow for disabled people is education. Humam and the other practitioners would like to pursue their education to a bachelor level to help Syria by becoming trainers of the new generations of prosthetic and orthotic professionals. And we are well aware they can do it, because they are already successful at working and graduating in very difficult conditions. 
Our Syrian students need YOUR support to join our bachelor program and become highly trained professionals who will contribute to restoring mobility of thousands of people with disabilities in Syria.
A better life for people with disabilities in Syria is still possible.