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Beendet Radha Paudel

Kathmandu, Nepal

Beendet Radha Paudel

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The dalit school aged children will benefiitted from this Let us Live Together program who never see the computer, library and well equipped school at their life time.Thus, students, school, teachers and parents will get benefit through this program

Radha P. von Action Works Nepal (AWON)Nachricht schreiben

Let Us Live Together, Jumla, Nepal a project on education. In 21 century, children of Jumla neither have teachers nor well equipped schools nor parents keen to continue their education due to bread winning problem at home as well as they do not know the impact of education. Thus the literacy rate of this area is only 9 % where as National figure is 57 %(CBS 2001). In early childhood, school going children has 30 % repetition rate due to having take care of siblings, domestic chores and help to farm works along with parents. Geographically, even today, no motorable roads, very limited facilities which is unable to enjoy these poor and dalit (so called untouchable) children. Thus, the school age children (5-12 years) of Lamra, Jumla will be benefited from this Let us Live Together program where 800 children, their families, and entire community will get benefited. all together 5 teachers will appointed for math, science and English because children have phobia on these subjects. The major challenge is to find a good teacher who love to stay at such a geographically poor place.

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