Empowering people with Focusing

Ein Hilfsprojekt von B. Blake in San Salvador, El Salvador, El Salvador

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B. Blake (verantwortlich)

B. Blake
Since 2007, The Focusing Institute has sponsored a program to teach Focusing. Listening and Empathic Communication to community leaders in poor neighborhoods in El Salvador. Our workshops have given community health workers a way of improving the quality of their personal lives, allowing them more freedom and energy to continue their difficult work of educating and supporting poor rural women and their families. What’s more, by learning to listen both to others and to their own inner voices, these health promoters are finding that they are better able to communicate important basic information to those they work with. The requests to continue our trainings are a rewarding acknowledgment of the success of the work we have begun with Pro-Vida, Hospital Zacamil, and teens and adults in Apopa. through our workshops. We now have new requests from a large womens' credit union in Chaletanango and from Pro-vida communities that were traumatized by the war.

Each workshop series will require the following funding:

E 220 (about $300) stipend for our two teachers for each series of four 3.5-hour workshops

E 10 ($15) photocopies of materials, posters, notebooks for participants

E 10 transportation and meals for two of our Nejapa trainees to attend each workshop in order to further their Focusing and Listening skills

E10 transportation for teachers

Transportation and meals for participants are to be provided by Pro Vida for workshops in Nejapa and El Paisnal

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Ort: San Salvador, El Salvador, El Salvador

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