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Donate for the Jacobs Alumni Scholarship

Bremen, Deutschland

Jacobs University Alumni Association is raising funds for student scholarships. Donate today!

Daisy H. von Jacobs University Alumni Association
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The purpose of the Jacobs University Alumni Association is the advancement of education, science and research, including the support of students. This mission is realized through the financial and material support of students, including the funding of scholarships.
The Jacobs Alumni Association, together with the Jacobs University Foundation of America,  has started the traditional fundraising campaign which will culminate with the Homecoming Gala Dinner. Even if you cannot make it back to campus, you can still take part in making a better future for Jacobs students, Homecoming can be everywhere and every day! 
The goal of this campaign is raising donations to provide scholarships for Jacobs students. If you are living in Germany, your donation for the Alumni Fund is tax-deductible. 
Scholarship will be awarded to selected students based on merit and need, taking all nationalities into consideration.