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Viele Grüße aus Berlin, Dein

Blockiert O LUXO DO LIXO

Itacaré, Brasilien

Blockiert O LUXO DO LIXO

Fill 100x100 original juliana

Our project, ´O Luxo do Lixo´, involves making costumes and decorations out of the city´s garbage (trash bags, coffee filters, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, etc) in order to spread awareness about the importance of environmental awareness.

Francesca M. von LibélulaNachricht schreiben

As tourism booms on the Cacau Coast of Bahia, Brazil, the small fishing town Itacaré is facing enviornmental peril. After the establishment of the main highway connecting Itacaré directly to the Bahian capital, Salvador, Itacaré´s natural beauty has become at risk. The region rich with natural resources and unspoiled beaches is now threatened by increasing pollution and a total lack of environmental conciousness on the part of both natives and tourists.

Libelula has taken initiative to spread awareness about the importance of global conciousness through our project ´O Luxo do Lixo´.

´O Luxo do Lixo´, encourages the importance of recycling and reusing through various art activities. The Libelula girls are making clothing, decorations, and jewlery composed of the city´s garbage (trash bags, coffee filters, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, etc.) to distribute to the local community. The girls have already started making earrings out of aluminum cans, unique handbags out of plastic bags, embroidery out of coffee filters and more!

We are excited to spread the message that environmental conciousness is vital if we want to continue to preserve our beautiful Atlantic rainforest and the ecological richness of Itacaré. The artwork created and distributed by the girls in our ´O Luxo do Lixo´ project will certainly serve as a reminder to both Itacaré locals and incoming tourists that our future generations are responsible for maintaining a healthy and flourishing environment.

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