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Viele Grüße aus Berlin, dein

Beendet Informationen für Deutschland

Berlin, Deutschland

Beendet Informationen für Deutschland

Berlin, Deutschland

Wir wollen Fremdenfeindlichkeit entgegenwirken, in dem wir in den zwei Wochen vor der Wahl 1200 Plakate in Berlin aufhängen lassen, die mit leicht verständlichen Informationen die Menschen zu einer überlegten Wahlentscheidung animieren sollen.

I. Informationen für Deutschland von ASA FF e.V. | 
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Über das Projekt

The idea.

On September 24th at the federal election in Germay, many people might be influenced by xenophobia, fake news and prejudices influence when they go vote. In order to counteract this possibility we want to put up 1200 posters in Berlin in the two weeks prior to the election. With these posters we will try to deconstruct populist and right-wing arguments about refugees that stereotype people and create violence.

The content of our posters aims at getting people to vote in a reflected, constructive and informed manner. "Information for Germany" wants to liberate refugees from their status as economic scapegoats by throwing light on the economically positive aspects of migration.

The concept.

Printing, distribution and rent for the billboards costs about 30 € per poster. We are aiming at accumulating 35 000 € until the end of August through a crownfunding campaign, applications for support and larger donations. With a special focus on north and east Berlin we are well positioned to cover the most important areas of the city.

The posters.

The posters could look like this:("Foreigners take our jobs?" - People with a migration background create 1,3 mio. jobs.)

Who we are.

We are five young people between university and working life and do not want to remain passive whilst right-wing populists enter the Bundestag. We live in Berlin and our work for "Information for Germany" is completely voluntary.

Support us if you want to make a contribution to an open, tolerant and democratic Germany!
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