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Rollstühle für unsere behinderten Kinder in Ghana

Every child has the right to an education and every child should have the opportunity to fulfill their potential. We believe that disability should never prevent a child from accessing the education they deserve or separate them from their community.

A. Ayoubi von Sustainable Development Community e.V.Nachricht schreiben

Though disability rate is Ghana is about 10 percent, the rural Ghanaian form the greatest section of it. Most people of disabilities occur naturally -that is by birth. It has been believed that illegal abortions are common among young women in Ghana, who are unable to cater for unwanted pregnancies. Many young women involve themselves in using local herbs and some drugs from pharmacies. Unfortunately, drugs affect the baby partially or totally negatively, causing most of disabilities among children. There are other causes of such disabilities like Poliomyelitis, accidents, fights among others.

In Ghana's rural communities, disabled people are widely abandoned. We have been working with over 50 both children and adults, offering them education, organizing workshops to educate them about their rights and to give them the skills to change their own lives.

These disabled children, whom we are supporting, live in extreme poverty. There is no medical insurance provider that covers the cost of their Wheelchairs, but with your help, this equipment will enable them to go to our school, build tremendous self-esteem, change their lives and develope a sense of independance.

In order to reduce the amount of money needed to purchase the wheelchairs, we are going to buy the wheelchairs locally from Ghana in order to save transportation costs from Germany. Each manual wheelchair will cost us about 100€. 34 Wheelchairs are needed.

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