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Jeewan Utthan Children's Home(orphanage)

in Nepal

Home for homeless children.

R. Tamang
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Über das Projekt

Jeewan Utthan Children's home is dedicated to provide the orphaned, poor and marginalized children of Nepal with nutritious food, clean water, quality education and most importantly a loving, secure family environmental home. It is not only our aim to afford these children the bare essentials but instill in them a sense if community and respect for their fellow human beings. Jeewan Utthan children home also provide children a safe play ground where they can have fun, learn and develop the skill of interaction. Jeewan Utthan children home currently have 38 children from 3 years to 15 years old. Most of the children are from rural areas of Nepal where there is no access of education, hospital, clean water etc. Except few children all children are orphan, few children have one parent and few children have parents but can´t afford their children even meal twice a day. Jeewan Utthan children home has no any official affiliation with any local or foreign organization upon which it can depend for steady financial support. Thus our children home relies solely upon the generosity of individual sponsor for its income to upkeep the house and support the children´s development.