Earth's Story, living in Organic Balance

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „UIAM“ (Eartha H.) in haiku, USA

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Eartha H. (verantwortlich)

Eartha H.
This project was born out of a realization "We can create a new story with a perfect ending "
after many years of a soul's reintegration search UIAM found out the link to Personal and planetary wholeness.
Resonance with our home Earth to find Harmony in it's laws.
facebook /earthauiam.
this project will benefit The Earth and it's children, human, animal or plant any living being.
People will benefit with awakening to expansion of consciousness and fluidity to merge with the changes of co-creation.
Donations will help to get the locations for the movie and find help with care taking the kids and to the normal expenses of creating a movie.

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Ort: haiku, USA


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