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Beendet Arrow Web Hospital

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This project will help provide essential medical equipment to enable Arrow Web Hospital to continue to provide vital health services to people living in the slums of Kayole-Soweto.

B. J.Simiyu von Arrow web hospitalNachricht schreiben

Arrow Kenya, a registered non-profit making organization, opened Arrow Web Hospital in February of 2005 as a clinic located in a 2-room house. We began with 3 staff members - a nurse, a laboratory technician and receptionist. We operated in this 2-room house until November of 2006. By this time, the community demand for our services was very high. We had registered more than 5,000 patients.
Our seven-member Board of Managers called a meeting to discuss next steps and decided to hold a community fundraiser to raise the money required to rent a bigger building and accommodate more patients. This event was successful and we were able to rent a bigger building, an 11-room house, as well as purchase emergency equipment/instruments. With a bigger building, patients began coming to the hospital in greater numbers. Once we were settled in the new building, we were able to begin operating as a full hospital with both in and outpatient services. The Kenyan Medical and Dentist Board recommended Arrow Web Hospital and provided us with our current operating license. We now operate out of a 20-roomed house and now have over 14 paid staff and with 15 inpatient beds.
The Kayole-Soweto Villages in the Embakasi division around Nairobi have an estimated population of more than 800,000. The majority of people living here earn less than a dollar a day.
Our strengths include a qualified well-trained and reliable staff, a competent Governing Board, the willingness of the community to attend Arrow Web Hospital, commendable and secure relationships with the community and other like-minded organizations within our working area. We have a good relationship with the Government having met all the requirements and gone through the required registration procedures.
Looking back at our past activities, our success has made us prioritize our strategic area of focus on expansion of our services. We desire to have a fully equipped, national standard hospital. The goal of this strategic focus is to enable us to meet the needs of a larger population than we are currently able to, bringing quality and effective health services closer to them.

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