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KARIM - Support for handicapped people in Lebanon

The KARIM-Project focuses on different kinds of therapy (schooling, physiotherapy, ergotherapy) for physically and mentally handicapped people in Lebanon and the financing of equipment for such treatment.

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Under the KARIM initiative, the Lebanon-Project of the international Youth of the Order of Malta collects funds to support handicapped children, women and men with therapeutic measures in their homes in Lebanon all year round. 
It includes physiotherapy, ergotherapy and special education.
The sisters of the homes do their utmost, but are financially and personnel so poorly equipped that they can only care for the nutrition and physical care of the entrusted humans. The donations to pay physiotherapy, school therapy and the necessary equipment are therefore essential. Therapeutic measures significantly change the lives of children and adults and also relieve the nursing staff in their homes.
In close cooperation with the leading sisters, KARIM also finances construction measures or new equipment in the homes, if these directly benefit the proteges.
The targeted financial support helps the people with physical and mental handicaps sustainably and contributes to improving support standards in Lebanese homes.

The Karim-Project started in 1999 thanks to the initiative of one German volunteer who wanted to provide 14 year old Karim with the possibility of stretching his arms and legs. Today, after 12 years of ongoing therapy, he is able to stretch his legs, to walk with the help of someone’s support and to climb into a wheelchair by himself.

At present, the project focuses on different kinds of therapy (schooling, physiotherapy, ergotherapy) and the financing of equipment for such treatment. Such therapies help the guests both mentally and physically and additionally provide a certain relief to the sisters and caretakers.