Finanziert School Support Initaitive

Ehime, Nigeria

Finanziert School Support Initaitive

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This initiative will remove that hurdle for thousands of children, while helping their parents to see the importance of prioritizing education.

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Nigeria's poverty has been deciminating educational efforts. The average school-age child attends fewer than three days a week due to illness and hunger. Girls are often kept home to help with household chores. Schools struggle with shortage of materials and classes are crowed with one poorly trained teacher for every 60 to 80 students.Many 6-7 year-olds travel three or four miles to school. Free primary education remains out of reach for youths whose parents can not afford school supplies and uniform. This initiative will focus on providing school supplies to primary and secondary school students. Providing needed school desks, EduPacks, more class room space, education sponsorship and support. Education is one of the surest way to improve life in West Africa. Without education, children are likely to remains impoverished for the rest of their lives. This efforts will help Ehime Mbano poorest youth gain primary and secondary school education, while improving attendance in schools.