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Medical care for orphans in Tanzania

Mwanza, Tansania

Medical care for orphans in Tanzania

Mwanza, Tansania

This project aims on helping children and staff of the orphanage FONELISCO in Tanzania where I'll volunteer this year. I want to help the organisation and the German partner association FONELISCO e.V. in this difficult situation!

D. Weber von FONELISCO e.V. | 
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Über das Projekt

About Fonelisco
Founded in 1998 by Tanzanian social worker Joseph Elias, FONELISCO Foundation of New Life for Street Children and Orphans is a non-profit organization, striving to help kids live in a stable environment, through counseling and reintegration, education, food and health care, cloths and a place to sleep.
Around 60 kids from 2-18 years old currently live at FONELISCO orphan’s place, girls and boys from different religions.
In March 2017 a 4 year old boy suffering from Hepatitis B was finally cured with medical treatment and hospitalization paid by donations. 
However, most of the kids at Fonelisco and its employees are not vaccinated neither against Polio, Hepatitis A and B, nor Tuberculosis. 
Already two employees have now been infected by Hepatitis B and need to have medical care. 
In order to help those two employees and prevent the other kids from any of those dangerous diseases, YOUR help is needed. 
The medical treatment of the sick employees are already partly taken care of, 900 Euros are still missing. 
Polio shots are about 80 Euro per child, Hepatitis A and B sum up to 5300 Euro. 
Please support by your donation, even One Euro can help! 
Asante sana / Thank you very much!

Donations can be made on betterplace which keeps 2,5% for transaction costs. You can also transfer money directly to the account of FONELISCO e.V. Just click on their logo to get their bank details.
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