Beendet Build a Road for a Remote Village in Afghanistan

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Noshaq“ (L. Whiting) in Badakhshan, Afghanistan

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L. Whiting (verantwortlich)

L. Whiting
Afghanistan has been torn apart by war for centuries, leaving in its wake a country filled with tragic stories, massive poverty, and stunted infrastructure. Nowhere is this story more true than in the rural villages, where whole communities live forgotten by the world because of their extreme isolation.

Meet Khermanuk Village. Located in a remote pocket of Afghanistan's northeastern mountains, this community of 100 families has no road and is only accessible by foot or donkey. Its residents must hike for 4 hours to reach the nearest dirt road, leaving them completely separated from medical care, supplies, and opportunities for commerce.

Our organization's goal is to empower rural economies, and it's clear that the best place to begin in Khermanuk Village is to construct a dirt access road. This road will be 2.5 miles long and will extend to the top of the mountain ridge above the village. This will bring the village much closer to the country's transportation routes and give it access to commerce and trade with urban markets throughout the country. And it won't just help Khermanuk -- several villages along the way will benefit from the road, including villages from an adjacent district.

We met with government officials and Khermanuk elders in October of this year to finalize the plans for this project. Everyone is enthusiastic about this road's potential, and hundreds of villagers in the area are willing to help construct the road.

To make this project as cost effective as possible, this 2.5-mile road will be constructed using hand tools and village labor. A crew of 100 workers from nearby villages will be working in teams of 20 to complete the road with a projected completion time of 1 1/2 months. Laborers will be given a stipend to compensate for their labor, which will also help to stimulate the local economy.

Project management will be implemented by Noshaq's highly-capable field staff, with both Afghans and foreigners contributing to the process .

We estimate the total cost of this road to be $18,000. To put this price into perspective, a 2.5-mile gravel road constructed by USAID would cost approximately $724,000 - or 4,000% more expensive! This means that no matter how big or small, your donations to this project can make a tangible, life-changing difference.

Noshaq is the only organization working in Khermanuk Village, and we won't stand still until we have done our best to give this village the hope it deserves. Please consider partnering with us in making this project a reality.

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Ort: Badakhshan, Afghanistan

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  • An Afghan father and child look on during a Noshaq planning session.

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  • Khermanuk villagers enjoying a community moment.

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  • The future location of the access road.

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