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Viele Grüße aus Berlin, Dein

Unterstützt unser Charity-Event "Get ready to ignite"

Mannheim, Deutschland

Unterstützt unser Charity-Event "Get ready to ignite"

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The charity event is a social and cultural project, which uses HipHop as a tool to cultivate values for a happy life. These type of cultural encounters are necessary for building a strong community.

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We truly believe in inner wealth, that it is essential for everyone. Our goal is to build consciousness in acknowledging that we are all one. Through HipHop we can get this access. As we are very active in the cultural scene, we know that HipHop is the biggest youth culture of the world. It has a great impact on youth and social development. Through its shared activities we can overcome cultural, linguistic and religious barriers.

Background info:
HipHop is not just music, style and prestige. It gives us meaning it's saves us, makes life worth living, gives us friends for life. HipHop started out in the New York Bronx with a small group of artists, who  decided to positively change their community. There was a shift from drugs, violence and crime to Peace, Love, Unity and having fun. They used music, art and dance as an alternative to build the worldwide movement.

HipHop Charity Event „Get ready to ignite“ with international guests
Jams - Cypher - Workshops - DJ´s - Graffiti - Panel Discussion - Afterparty

Youth Center Forum in Mannheim

More Info:

Help us to bring people together so they can connect and awaken their potential.
Get ready to ignite

Hilf mit, das Projekt zu verbreiten