The Sock Mob

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „The Sock Mob“ (M. Schmidt) in London, Großbritannien

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  • B. Klöcker
    B. Klöcker hat 16. Februar 2011 um 11:03 Uhr gespendet
  • s. soc f35caf7dfc69c1071cd722b328b6056e7ebabb1a44d1f7ec6d867dbc7329d824
    s. soc empfiehlt das Projekt mit einem Vor-Ort-Bericht 10. Januar 2011 um 19:11 Uhr
    I am a Londoner and over the past two years have supported the Sock Mob with stuff for donation to the people on the street. Stuff such as socks, underwear and books (novels for reading as it would seem that reading is a good way of handling being on the street) and other stuff as it seems appropriate such as toiletries.
    Sock mob seem non judgemental and do not seem to have an agenda to 'sort out' the people on the street but give them small gifts (socks etc) and chat with them which seems to be greatly appreciated by people that are most ignored and sometimes actively insulted.
  • t. brown
    Box big thumb positive 11efcd26e39a9b2e5a52b7d8147d198fde3bbc674ea047af55c85600f6852e71
    t. brown empfiehlt das Projekt 21. Februar 2011 um 13:04 Uhr
    I've been involved with the Sock Mob for two years now. Unlike many homeless organisations in London, the Sock Mob is one of the few that actively encourage people to break the barrier between those who live on the street and the rest of society. They do this by handing out things as simple as a sock. Its a great icebreaker that allows for us to engage with London's street people and who them that they are not forgotten. I have made many homeless friends through the group and truly enjoy the time that we spend together.
  • L. Mavra
    Box big thumb positive 11efcd26e39a9b2e5a52b7d8147d198fde3bbc674ea047af55c85600f6852e71
    L. Mavra empfiehlt das Projekt 13. Februar 2011 um 13:23 Uhr
    I have been meeting London's homeless with the Sock Mob for the past eight years and have found it an increasingly fulfilling experience! Hearing their stories can be challenging, but it is so poignant to see what a difference companionship and inclusion in social activities makes to some of the very lonely and isolated people living on the streets. The fact that several of the homeless have since become Sock Mob leaders themselves and taken an active role in the Sock Mob's spin-off social enterprise that trains homeless people to be walking tour guides, is further testament to the power of human contact, warmth and socks!
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