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Please Help to continue child labour Prevention school, India

Guntur , Indien

Please Help to continue child labour Prevention school, India

Guntur , Indien

Thank you for help- Stay safe

Rose Mary K.
Rose Mary K. schrieb am 11.07.2020

Dear Donor 

Greetings and good wishes to you from BASS, India  

 we hope you are safe and protected from Corona! 

With the Covid 19 pandemic impacting everyday life, we thank you for your kind continued support to our project and and we wish you and your family health and peace.  Thank you so much 

Right now, we faces new challenges. As we adapt to these unprecedented circumstances, we’ll continue to serve our children as best we can.  As you know every day more than 200 Corona positive cases are register in Guntur district of India and no one expecting that when will stop.  The lock down is relaxed and very difficult to control the covid expansion.  Still schools are not opens and children are not able to access mid day meal.    

Most of the slum people are trying to get daily wage works but not able to get and affecting with corona. The children and the aged are very much in need of food supplies as the families are not providing adequate food with their limited resources.  Now  no organisation is distributing the  essential food kits.    

Therefore we wish to  provide essential food and sanitary kits to  the needy children and their families. we do our best to distribute the essential ration kits through door delivery with social distancing. 

BASS is continuously providing  essential food kits supplies to slum families since last  three months. Each ration kit  will give food for at least one week  for one family.    One ration kit will cost 9 Euros.  

Please kindly support again and share our project at least with your three friends and family members to get support .   

Stay safe and well 
With gratitude 

Rose Mary Kurapati 

give a meal to the children at risk on starvation due to covid
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