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Finanziert Spende für Schulentwicklungsprojekt, Agape Schule in Nagaland, Indien.

Ein Projekt von Asha for Education
in Dimapur, Nagaland, Indien

Support Asha Frankfurt runners as they run towards the finish line at Frankfurt marathon (30th October) to raise funds for building classroom that will help children of Agape school reach their Educational Milestone.

Keerthan S.
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Über das Projekt

!!! Kommt vorbei und unterstützt Asha Frankfurt wenn die Marathon und Staffelläufer die Ziellinie überqueren. Durch den Lauf wird Geld gesammelt mit dem die Schulklassen in Agape Indien gebaut werden können. So wird den Kindern eine Schulbildung ermöglicht. !!!

Fundraiser for development projects in Agape school! (Nagaland, India)
Agape school is located in Kiphire village – one of the most remote villages of India in the state of Nagaland. This region is near the Indo-Myanmar border, with limited connectivity to rest of the country and scarce resources.

Agape schools founder and principal, Lipichem Sangtam has a clear vision for the school and the communities in the surrounding region. In the community he wants to help unite people of different tribes, to bring better understanding and peace in that region. The school is open to children from all tribes and this is the first step towards uniting people. The vision of the school is to produce boys and girls having human feelings, who are aware of the extent of human variations, able to relate to other pupil and are sensitive to their needs. Mould boys and girls who are proud of their ethnic identity and provide them the skills and confidence to make them stand on their own feet.

The main livelihood activities of the parents of children is agriculture and since Kiphire is situated far from state capital, people are deprived of many opportunities which the government provides. Moreover, developmental activities are also slow and the people have to depend on natural resource for survival. Around 50% of the parents are living in villages doing agriculture and another 15% of are wage earners and the rest are either government employees or self employed. There are 512 students (Male 273, Female 239, Age Range 5-15) in total, of which around 85% of the students pay school fees and the remaining 15% of the students who come from extremely economically backward families have their tuition fee exempted.

Asha Frankfurt has agreed to support Agape school in the construction of a additional classroom for students of 10th grade
. Currently students on graduating 9th grade have to leave the school and join the government school to complete their 10th grade due to lack of infrastructure to accommodate them. By constructing this classroom, students can complete their primary, higher primary and high school education all in one school in an environment that they are familiar with.In addition this room would serve as a community center for the village when not in use for classroom activity.