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Equipment for our office (printer, copy and other office needs)

in Brazzaville, Kongo (Republik)

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Jonas K.
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Über das Projekt

We are the Catholic Academy For Ethics (Accabe), that was created in Brazzaville on 04.09.2014 by the Archbishop of Brazzaville in accordance with the Catholic Bishop's Conference of the Congo.

Our Identity: 

We are... social Institution empowered by the Church to act as an instrument for dissemination of meanings, values and know-how (Faith, Ethics, Social Competence) for citizens, in particular present and future leaders and opinions leaders in the field of politics, economics and culture. confessional Institution with a strong ecumenical orientation, which keeps an open mind to other views and opinions. Our proposals are aimed at Christians and at men and women of good will.

Our Vision: 

Accabe aspires to an emerging Congolese society... which citizens are living together in dignity,in which everyone is unique, recognized, respected and useful, regarded as capable of change and as challenged to freedom, self-determination and self-realization. which the leaders of the society are aware of the uniqueness of their particular social responsibility.

Our Mission:

As the empowered interlocutor of the ongoing formation of adults in the field of the transmission and the renewal of societal values, socio-political, economics and culture skills, Accabe gives support for Development and fulfilment by....

...offering a platform for exchanging ideas, values and knowledge, enforcing dialogue and listening, encounters and mutual respect, conciliation and reconciliation. 

...standing for selflessness, Peace, Responsibility, hard-work, excellence and efficiency, promotion of own's human resources (i.e.. against migration), environmental preservation and sustainability.

...accompanying the society and anticipating the future, keeping alive the memory of Congolese national history, made up of sufferings and hopes. 

Our Action:

In carrying out its objectives Accabe...

...organizes Workshops, Seminars, applied Studies, surveys, conferences, meetings, trainings, mediation tools, peacekeeping and peace enforcement measures,prayers and celebrations,personal and group coaching, special programs for women and children, cultural and artistic meetings, awareness campaigns and other targeted social projects, such as implementing training and vocational schools.

...promotes permanently the culture of constructive dialogue by offering opportunities for he socialization between people from different origins and background, especially between European and African present and future leaders.

...cooperates with any other partners willing to work with it in accordance with its guiding principles.