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OWF Rebuilds school in Nepal

Nepal Hilfe, Earthquake, Kinder, Schule

T. Nguyen von Oneworldfamily Stiftung gGmbHNachricht schreiben

School Reconstruction Project (Earthquake Facts and Figures)
Nepal was hard hit by an earthquake of 7.8 M and 7.3 M on April 25th & 12th May 2015. The first earthquake of 7.8M hit Nepal exactly at 11:56 AM Nepal standard time making an epicenter at East of Lamjung at Barpak, Gorkha and its hypocenter was at a depth of approximately 8.2 KM. The April 2015 Nepal earthquake is also known as the Gorkha earthquake. It killed almost over 8,800 people and injured more than 22,000.

According to the UNICEF, 985,000 school children needs to be addressed who couldn't return to class today, thus facing a great risk of dropping out of school. Altogether 32,000 classrooms were destroyed and 15,352 classrooms were damaged after the two major earthquakes, which could have an immeasurable effect on children's long-term futures. Nepal being the least developed country where the literacy rate according to the last official data, National census 2011 was 65.9% will again be disfigured by the recent earthquake, if immediate action towards school reconstruction is not taken. It is not only we proposing you towards School reconstruction, it carries all those voice of children those who are now not in reach of education because of the earthquak

Bal Kalyan Primary School, Ghachowk, Kaski Nepal
This school runs from class nursery to class five. The students who study there are mostly from the low income families and has no other option to continue their education. Altogether there are 100 students from Nursery to Fifth grade.

During the last earthquake, the part of this school building and the toilets had been damaged putting a high risk to the small children. The children's their parents had a high fear of reoccurrence which could put their children in high risk and the students also could not concentrate in their daily studies. To rebuild this school building and the toilet, the school management committee initiate its dialogue of support from the Nepal government, but nothing could be managed.

We are targeting to build 2 room block for one school. If the need is higher, we can proceed 4 room building block as well depending upon the necessities and the funding situation. The cost of 2 room block (each room of 375 square feet) is 15,000 Euros (estimated by the government engineer) with zero administration costs included. By using the local materials and local contractor; we are sure that it can be completed the building block and save some money for the teaching board and some study furniture/bench for children. If we can generate 30,000 Euros for one school, we can construct 4 room block which will also be a child friendly and earthquake resistance.

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