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The Build Your Future CHALLENGE

The BYF Challenge is a Social Entrepreneurship contest of young people with fewer opportunities from across Europe who participate with their ideas to bring social change to their community through innovative solutions.

J. Schell von INA gGmbH - ICE / YEPP IRCNachricht schreiben

What is “Build Your Future” (BYF)?

“Build Your Future” is a very special 2 years’ Social Entrepreneurship Learning Programme. It is financially supported by the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Commission and implemented by the YEPP International Resource Centre, a Berlin-based NGO together with 7 partners from Germany, Italy, UK, Ireland, Croatia, Romania and Slovakia. This learning programme is specially designed for young people with fewer opportunities.
While most (Social) Entrepreneurship programmes are developed for university/business students, the “Build Your Future” targets young people without any educational or business background, who often live in socially disadvantaged communities. They learn how to develop their own social entrepreneurial idea and how to make it a reality.

What is the “Build Your Future” (BYF) CHALLENGE?

The BYF CHALLENGE is a contest in which young people from the above mentioned countries participate with their social entrepreneurial idea. The objective is that young people put into practice what they have learned during the 5 Modules of the programme and present a real social entrepreneurship idea which solves a problem in their community.
Participants apply with a short business plan and a video presenting their social entrepreneurial idea or project. The winners of the BYF CHALLENGE win start-up money for the implementation of their idea. Three projects will be rewarded by an international jury of experts:
Prize 1: 2.000 EUR; Prize 2: 1.000 EUR; Prize 3: 800 EUR

What exactly is the raised money for?

The money will be used for the prizes of the three winners. The social entrepreneurial ideas reach from products and services for elderly and disabled people, for mental health and educational issues, for children with difficulties in school or energy solutions for Roma settlements.
We will of course share the information and videos of the individual projects on this platform.

Why should you support the BYF Challenge?

Be the change you wish to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi
Supporting this campaign means that you help young people to realize their dreams. You give them the chance to solve a social problem in their community and to make things happen. You help them as young social entrepreneurs to have start-up money for their launch of the project but you also help the beneficiaries of their project or venture.