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Beendet Be Part of the Formative Years of Squater Children

Muhoroni, Kenia

Beendet Be Part of the Formative Years of Squater Children

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The pre-primary project is to motivate, assist and guide 315 numbers of needy children to enroll and complete pre primary education through educational aid and community extension measures

P. OTIENO von Center For People DevelopmentNachricht schreiben

The project is in Kisumu, Muhoroni Township mainly inhabited by job seekers and other unsettled communities’ referred as squatters in the Muhoroni Settlement Scheme. These squatters are devoid of development benefits planned and extended by the government administration from time to time.
The slum families being below poverty line can not afford to provide basic amenities for their children. They remain illiterate for all time and roam in the streets of Muhoroni Township.
The free primary school by the government created a bigger demand for pre-primary schooling needs for the poor since they now have an opportunity to primary schooling. We propose to adapt a minimum of 315 most needy squatter children and take care of their educational requirement so that they can complete their pre-primary education without awaiting the family backup. The project targets most needy children in the squatters. Project is to motivate, assist and guide children to enroll and complete pre-primary education through educational aid and community extension measures.
Project Activities: Identification of most needy squatter families and their children; One child will be taken up per family with emphasis of girl child; Motivation of parents through village meetings to send the children to the school; Motivation of children through village animators to organize and guide them beyond school hour; Provision of educational material, school uniform, school bags and shoes for the children; Provision of intermediary health check up and minimum medicinal support for the children like de-worming, scalp fungal infections; Organizing children’s fair; Organizing annual sports and cultural activities for the children for talent identification; Fallow up of the children to the upper primary school after their pass out from year III of pre primary school.

A total of €312,618 is required