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Beendet Peace Flame School & Vocational Training Centre

Iringa, Tansania

Beendet Peace Flame School & Vocational Training Centre

Iringa, Tansania

We need further money to complete our building for our local disadvantaged and poor primary school children and help create sustainable livelihoods through our vocational training to vulnerable young and unemployed adults.

E. Thompson von Children Care Development Organization  | 
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Über das Projekt

Our main goal has been to establish a school and safe environment, that will offer education to local pre-primary and primary children from the poorer villages, secondary level and vocational training to Iringa youth and adults. The primary section is up and running, serving over 70 pupils (providing 2 meals per day) and the vocational training centre opens its doors in July 2016. At present, our goal is to consolidate these services at our Peace Flame School site in Nduli, which requires further fundraising and building work.

The CCDO expects to increase its capacity with both the provision of services and skills to the students, particularly after the location move to the Peace Flame School & Vocational Training Centre site in January 2017. This move will reduce costs by sharing them across 3 different programs and also improve access to resources and space. The CCDO is intent on keeping a low-cost tuition fee for students to ensure availability of funding for students and can do so by increasing the number of students in the increased space.

We need US$5,000 (10,000,000 TSH) to complete the build. This includes:-
* Bags of cement, sand, bricks and lime = 4,700,000 TSH (US$2,350)
* Labour for the build = 2,000,000 TSH (US$1,000)
* Electricity, water connection and road-clearance = 2,500,000 (US$1,250)
* Purchase of further school pews, tables and blackboard = 800,000 TSH (US$400)

Whilst we require a lot more money to create our vision, US$5,000 is the basic amount it will take to complete the build and transfer our current school and centre up to the new purpose-built site, improve the quality of our students' school lives and begin to take on more students. We thank you in advance, for your help.
Zuletzt aktualisiert am 13. Juli 2016