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Beendet Support for HIV orphans in Ethopia

Harar, Äthiopien

Beendet Support for HIV orphans in Ethopia

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the project is saving the lives of 30 orpants most have HIV all are supported by me in the last three years by provideing a home and education and have a chance for a future ,i have finished all my savings and need help to give them chance life.

e. hovev von e. hovevNachricht schreiben

I have arrived to Ethiopia 3.5 years ago launching a large scale bio energy project in the rural poor districts of Ethiopia. Living with farmers poor communities soon introduced me to situations that I didn’t believe can exist in this world. I found HIV orphan children leaving under trees infected with wounds and nobody cares. I found a child of 5 year leaving in a barn on a muddy floor taking care of a paralyzed mentally ill mother. I found a 8 year old child with no leg living in the hospital storage for four years with no record of his history .
Seeing this unbearable situation I decided to take the children and give them a chance for a future. I build two homes for 30 children and provided them shelter food and most of all love and education. Many of them never attended school..
The crises of 2008 ended the project and I was needed to leave Ethiopia but continued to keep the homes alive providing the children a future. With the help of friends I continued to take care of the children learning that children that were ill and endless nights I needed to sit with them in hospitals are now much better and in the last year not even one child visited a hospital.

After two years of financing the children mostly from my savings I reached a situation where I have no money to keep the homes. I approached NGOs and organizations but no one wants to take care of children in faraway places. I was let down time after time by all the humanitarian organizations learning that most of the money of the NGOs goes to Land Cursers and mangers and part does help needed but mainly in Addis and large cities.
Many donators agreed to support only if we will be organized NGO . I started a process of receiving an NGO license but learned that I need to stand to conditions , bare unneeded overheads and instead of 1,200 USD needed for the children I will need to spend every month over 5,000 USD for the same purpose .
Left in a situation where I can't leave the children since for some it will be death or miserable life that no one can imagine unless seen, I am continuing to lend money, look for donations and can never turn my back on the children.
I have reduced the monthly cost to 1,200 USD a month to survive but even such monthly cost is now difficult for me to send to the children.
I am confident that soon I will be strong again and finance the children on my own but as for today I need urgent help to give the children a future and for some give them life.

Hilf mit, das Projekt zu verbreiten