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Mpepule finally installs its new library

E. Roberts
E. Roberts schrieb am 11.12.2009

The library has finally been installed!   After a few months of red tape, the new library building was erected on the school grounds, just in time for the holidays.   After liaisons with the local Department of Education it was decided that instead of building a permanent structure the school would purchase a “mobile classroom”.  Due to recent policy changes within the Education Department, many smaller schools are being amalgamated with other schools in the area.  Although at present there is no indication that Mpepule will be merged with another school, Principal Doris was insistent that no matter if the school moves or stays, the library will remain with the children that need it the most -forward thinking for the youth of our country.


The school has already started a book collection to stock the library and have received some lovely donations thus far. We wish Mpepule Primary all the best for a very bright future.

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