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Beendet Kesha Niya Kitchen

A kitchen run by volunteers and refugees in France. Looking for donations, volunteers and funding.

F. Handwerk von Verein für eine schönere WillkommenskulturNachricht schreiben

The Kesha Niya Kitchen Project is a community kitchen run by international volunteers  in cooperation with refugees.
Since March the 7th we have been preparing and serving 1000 meals a day in the refugee camp La Liniere in Grande-Synthe, France. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and also an additional 2 AM meal during the month of Ramadan. Furthermore we provide the camp with fire and heating wood.
 But we decided to leave the Camp, because it’s too much struggle for too less volunteers. We will leave at the 31.03.17 to the south of France to regain new power and to continue our work there with spontaneously help at the French-Italian border
The money we collect here will go to the association "Verein für eine schönere Willkommenskultur", which is a part of the kitchen since a year now. With this money, we are able to buy all the food and items we need to keep the Kesha Niya Kitchen running.
We need your help because we neither get money from the government, nor from somewhere else and the food donations are not much.
We keep you updated to follow our steps!
Our contact e-mail is and you can reach us by telephone at +4915756840726

Hilf mit, das Projekt zu verbreiten