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Beendet Educating and Feeding children in need

Ein Projekt von Believers Community School
in Luanshya, Sambia


G. Musumali
G. Musumali schrieb am 05.04.2011


Believers Community School is so far by the good mercies of the Lord Jesus mirraculously being sustained The programs of education and nutritional supplement every school day currently going on. The now fourteen member staff are ensuring the programs are on going. The main resource providers are through the founding and managing agency, i.e Pentecostal Believers Church. The local business community specifically a milling company is coming through, twice this year so far providing twelve bags of maize meal which runs for 12 days per consignment. However there are still some gaps in the resources in order to meet the full budget demands. Currenly we have a total of two hundred and sixteen children attending the school. 125 boys and 91 girls. Any support that will come through will go directly into the continued work. The schools close this Friday for the first of this years' three terms. However, administration  will still be on-going.


Yours in Christ's Service,

Galeed Musumali.

Fundraising Manager.

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