Beendet Culture diversity;agate way to education and survi

Hwange, Simbabwe

Beendet Culture diversity;agate way to education and survi

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To promote the teaching and learning of Nambya in schools and in public places.

Vincent N. von Nambiya Development Organisation Trust MA6/2008Nachricht schreiben

For a long time NAmbya people have been marginalised.Mining and tourism are major currency earners for the country and employment.However the majority of employees are people from outside the region.Were locals are employed, they do menial jobs.
30000 school children will benefit.
The project will benefit over 66 primary schools and over 15 secondary schools with Nambya information.
Through reading material in Nambya, people's self esteem will be raised.Education opportunities will give them a window of hope for a better future.
The biggest challenge is the reluctance of school headmaster to fully encourage the teaching of the language in their schools.The other challenge is lack of material in local languge for education and HIVAIDS information.Donations will assist in ensuring that literature in Nambya is published, teachers will be taught on the methodologies of teaching the language as well as equipping the office with equipment like internet and telephone services.