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Beendet Drop In Centres for Orphaned& Vulnerable Childr

Thusang Setshaba in Rikhotso Village in Limpopo cares for 131 children and needs funding for small items that would have a big impact on their lives.

M. Wagner von Breadline AfricaNachricht schreiben

Thusang Setshaba is a typical Drop In Centre in Rikhotso Village in Limpopo: looking after 131 children from the age of 3 to 17 - children who may be orphaned, disabled or in child-headed households. It was started by John Letsoai, a teacher in the village. He has been joined by 7 villagers who help care for the children, cook and help with homework - and walk the children back to their homesteads to ensure they are safe. All are currently volunteers. Breadline Africa assist with funding for some of their running costs and food. The villagers also help with donations of spinach and sometimes a chicken or two. The local headman has donated a small house. They are looking for the following : funds for fencing to keep the childen safe, funds for some skipping ropes and balls, a camera , a computer and printer and a year end party for the children. The computer, printer and camera will allow them to be able to keep good records, write reports and also help them trying to get other funders. Also giving each child a picture of themselves helps with their self-esteem. Playing equipment helps grow strong bodies and a Christmas part would be a very nice thing to have for the whole organisation but especially those without parents.