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Blockiert Arresting rural poverty and climate change

Tamale, Ghana

Blockiert Arresting rural poverty and climate change

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The project will deal with the effects of climate change, poverty, high food insecurity and loss of forest cover for 300 farmers will benefit (70% women) through agriculture, access to tree seedlings and small ruminants to rear

M. N. Ziblim von Simli AiDNachricht schreiben

The project is to increase capacity of about 200 rural people to reverse the growing threat of desertification that rolls out sand dunes gradually from the Sahara to the north of Ghana, this phenomena has brought about some distortions in the agricultural production cycle resulting in reduced outputs. The drying up of rivers and reducing the water table further below coupled with the the gradual depletion of the forest through wild fires have significantly contributed to the north of Ghana being the amongst the poorest in the country. Women and children in particular are vulnerable to this climate phenomena and bear the consequences of it.

The project is also to promote agriculture, forest plantations and animal rearing for women and peasant farmers to challenge the desertification threat as a long term strategy for poverty reduction and whiles dealing with the immediate threats to their livelihoods and food security.

About 300 people will benefit overall from the project across 10 communities in the Karaga district of the northern region. It will seek to provide training and extension support to them, establish a tree seedling multiplication site, support in expanding farmlands using appropriate techniques and supplying small ruminants to women for breeding on a group basis. The animals will initially be distributed to a selected group of women who are expected to further distribute the offsprings to other women with time.

The donations will therefore be applied directly to supporting the peasant farmers to live dignified lives for now whiles establishing the long term support mechanisms for themselves and those of the future.

50 euros can provide small scale entreprise set up for a woman
100 euros can provide a woman with set of animals to rear
200 euro can pay for a woman"s tree plantation for long term
300 euros will support a micro credit scheme for capital building for a group of women
400 euros can support a group crop farm for peasant farmers

Your contribution is therefore welcome.