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Ein Hilfsprojekt von „ AID“ ( V.) in Turku, Finnland

Seit dem 1.11.2016 können Projekte, deren Träger in Deutschland nicht als gemeinnützig anerkannt ist, keine Spenden mehr auf sammeln. Mehr über diese Änderungen erfahren V. (verantwortlich) V.
Following the establishment of as a responsible travel provider, it was decided to take further action in aiding the development of communities beyond Peru, India, Tanzania or Kenya. For that reason, a non-profit registered association (ry) was founded in 2009, for the purpose of taking actions not normally covered by activities. We aim to take actions that are measurable, accountable, do not create dependance on our charity, encourage people in the developing world to develop their own solutions to their own problems.

In order to achieve this, we began, along with returned volunteers, partners, staff and friends, to contribute to microfinance efforts around the world through Kiva is a non-profit that connects people, through lending, for the sake of alleviating poverty. It allows lenders based worldwide to contribute to micro-loans made to entrepreneurs that have little or no other form of access to capital. They can then start or expand economic activity, and repay their loans back to the lenders, who can re-loan again. To read more, please visit

The members of Team on Kiva have made more than 100 loans to entrepreneurs in 30 countries.

We welcome those who share our beliefs in responsible development aid and financial independence for the developing world to join us in our efforts by becoming a member of our team.

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Ort: Turku, Finnland

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