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Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Maasai Emayian Women Group“ (P. Kilelu) in Kiserian, Kenia

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P. Kilelu (verantwortlich)

P. Kilelu
Enchoro Elerai village local located approximately 30kms from Nairobi city , and is composed of three villages: namely Enchoro Elerai , Ilmasin and Enkurunkat. It is located in Keekonyokie South, Kajiado North District.

Enchoro Elerai is part of the famous Olchorronyore location triangle that suffered the 2009 prolonged drought that left families without food and their animals. Enchoro Elerai is estimated to have 900 people, 160 households with an average of about 6 persons per household and almost 240 adults in total. The entire sublocationl has about 250 households.

Back ground.
Poverty in Kenya is a major problem that is manifested by low levels of household productivity, poor income, food insecurity and reproductive wastage. This has led to poor health, low levels of education, poor housing and a decreased life expectancy to 48 years.

Over 65% of Kenya’s population lives in rural areas where agriculture is a major contributor to their livelihoods. In addition, the agriculture sector contributes almost 30.4% of the national GDP as of the financial year 2004/5. The agriculture sector therefore presents a great opportunity for poverty reduction because it employs about 77% of the total active labour force in the rural areas. Hence the centrality of agriculture sector in improving livelihoods of the poor. Malnutrition and food insecurity remain significant issues, over 43% of deaths of children under 5 years in Kenya are attributed in partly to malaria and malnutrition. In the rural Kenya, only 10% of people have access to safe water, dirty water is a major cause of ill health. As a result therefore, this community development programme seeks to bridge knowledge and capacity gaps in the areas of health, water and sanitation and sustainable agriculture.

Sources of livelihood:
The main source of livelihood is Pastoralism and subsistence agriculture, which is mainly the growing of food crops like potatoes, maize, beans and peace (sold off for cash). Enchoro Elerai is the source of both animal and agricultural products that goes to Kiserian and Nairobi Markets. The land sizes range between 4-350 acres and most of it is largely owned by Maasai families

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Ort: Kiserian, Kenia

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