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Blockiert Support after-school youth baseball program

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This project will build a fence, 2 dugouts, and a bathroom for a youth baseball field in Siguatepeque, Honduras. This will give our co-ed team of 8-12 year olds a beautiful, accessible, and protected ballpark to host games and regional tournaments.

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20 years ago, baseball was a big deal in Siguatepeque, Honduras. There were active youth and adult leagues and two very nice baseball fields: one for youth and one for adults.

However, as sometimes happens, the fields fell into disrepair and the leagues disbanded. A few years ago, the baseball community in Siguatepeque decided to revitalize the baseball fields and the interest in the sport. With this in mind, and with some help from Peace Corps Volunteers in the area, a team of 8 to 12 year old boys and girls was formed. The team has had great success so far, making 2 trips to the national championship in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The kids enjoy learning and playing a sport other than football, and the consistent after-school activity gives them a productive outlet for their free time, hopefully helping avoid potential problems with delinquency or drugs.

Right now, the director's board of the baseball program is undertaking a project to improve the baseball fields where the team plays. We are putting a fence around the 600 m perimeter of the field to protect the area from cows, drunks, and other intruders. We also would like to build 2 dugouts for the youth field and a bathroom for players and spectators. This will give the neighborhood a place they can be proud of and give the kids an opportunity to host games and regional tournaments.

Even the smallest donations will help!

Hilf mit, das Projekt zu verbreiten