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Beendet Refugee Movement Journey To Greece

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in Thessaloniki / Idomeni, Griechenland

Refugee Movement Journey To Greece

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Über das Projekt

We are a group of 13 people from different countries, almost all living
in Germany. We speak a lot of different languages, e.g. Arabic, English,
Farsi, Dari, French, German, Kurdish, Pashto, Urdu, and Turkish. Most of
us met during the self-organized refugee struggles in Bavaria,
Berlin, Hamburg or in other anti-racist contexts. Most members of our
collective came to Germany as migrants from Non-Western countries.

All members of our collective believe in freedom of movement for
everybody and the right to choose to go where people want, whenever they
want. We believe that for this to become true, it is necessary to
provide reliable and trustworthy information for migrants: About their
journey to and through Europe, and on the asylum system in EU member states.

That's why we are planning to travel through Greece with an infobus for
two weeks, from the 24th of March to the 8th of April. The info bus aims
at meeting people on the ground, in order to provide them with
information through leaflets in different languages. We will also have
info panels on the bus, displaying maps and legal advices about Greece,
the destination and transit countries. Most of us have also experienced
the situation of coming to Germany as a refugee and are able to share
this with people who aim at going there.

For this we need your financial support! Especially to be able to pay
for travelling from Germany to Greece, the printing costs, gas and
renting costs for the bus we are dependend on your help. Furthermore, we
would like to have a generator with us to be able to offer a charging
hub for peoples mobile phones.

If you have some spare money that you can donate to us, would be nice!

Also we would be happy if you share this call out in your networks!

Thank you! Love, Rage, and Solidarity!